Not only was he a co-star in Smoky and the Bandit, he also wrote great country songs like this one. 37. Roger Miller was the king of comedy country, and this is just one of many hilarious songs he wrote during his prolific career. Born to rock Force to Work. /yyyyydNhysssssoooo++ssso++//:–…..““““`.“/–:: Respect Of My Hero. 13 "If the Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me" This Jimmy Buffett tune has got a title colder than a million frozen margaritas. The Videos and More!) A business name that lets your customer know what solutions you provide or the core values your business hold is a great way to make your business appear trustworthy and relevant. +oooo+++///::—…..“..-yNNNNNNNNmNNNNNNNNNNNmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm` :so+/::-.““………..` `yyyyhNNhyyysooooo+/` /ydmd/-..-hmdy+` ““““o:.“ How Bobby Bare came up with this title is unclear, but he was clearly in need of some help when he did. Warned And Resurrection. Live smarter, look better,​ and live your life to the absolute fullest. He's talking about beer, in case you thought Jerry Lee Lewis was talking about the really nice map museum there. I love it. Either way, it's pretty sad for a song with such a funny name. Tell us a bit about your song then, based on a bank of successful song names, we'll suggest some personalised just for you. The fact that this was a hit single for Monte Video and the Casettes really hammers home the "anything goes" vibe happening in the '80s. :hmmmmmmmmmdddddhhy+-. Reply if you have an answer, Annoying and crazy Bonus: You'll also be a much, much healthier man. Probably one the most catchy songs on this list. Michael Jackson understood how to fashion, bend and deliver a hook better than nearly... 3. is part of the Meredith Health Group, "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful", "If You Don't Believe I Love You, Just Ask My Wife", "You Take the Medicine (I'll Take the Nurse)", "I've Been Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart", "Drop Kick Me, Jesus (Through the Goal Post of Life)", "Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued", "If My Nose Was Running Money (I'd Blow It All On You)", "I've Got Tears in My Ears From Lying on My Back in Bed While I Cry Over You", "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life", "I'd Rather Have a Bottle in Front of Me (Than a Frontal Lobotomy)", "I Don't Know Whether to Kill Myself or Go Bowling", "Billy Broke My Heart at Walgreens (I Cried All the Way to Sears)", "Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco Twister", "Please, Daddy, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas", "You Can Make Me Dance, Sing, or Anything …", "If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet? You'd never know this song has a funny title unless you saw it spelled out right in front of you, as evidenced by this Sly and the Family Stone song. Well, what are you waiting for go away. Here is a list of 67 Creative and Catchy Music Slogans and Taglines for Music lovers, Bands, DJ slogans, Music industry, Music magazine and for any Music institute or Music shop. mNmmmmmmmmmmmmmmd. Enjoy The Show. Love, loss, and what she wore on the way out are all painfully recounted in this Wynn Stewart song. `/yyyy+syyyo. Moment Of Beats. `hNNNNNNNNmmmmmmmmmm/ uDiscover Team Annoying tracks Aqua Baha Men Catchy tracks Chumbawumba Crazy Frog Doop Eiffel 65 Hanson Las Ketchup Lists Los Del Río Lou Bega Mr Blobby Pop Rednex Scatman John … :mmmmmddddddddddhhddddddmd` :+oydmmmNNNmmmmmmdddddddddddmd` One Step at a Time by Jordin Sparks .ohNmdy…oddNds. Smh. Back in the day, Olivia Newton-John released a catchy track by the same name. “““`:o.` ://////////-`.-::—…-+yy/ The tune sits very comfortably in the mid-register, so you won’t strain your voice singing along to Dua Lipa’s latest hit. The Ultimate Torture List: 20 Songs From the '80s You'll Never Get Out of Your Head Love 'em or hate 'em, these earworms are undeniably catchy. `/dddddddddhhs` `/yyo/yyyo/yys- `oyyyyyys- Beat Ohio State! Find more ways to say catchy, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. +mmdyyyyysssss+ .sdNhoy-..oysNmy- “““`-o` +mNNmmmdddddddddddmdy:` .-:::::/+++++/` Jerry Reed was a man of many talents. Besides being a catchy song, it details the real struggles of the working class, and millions of people can certainly relate to that. Whisper Your . I think the hockey team should play it over and before the game and they will be Champions. Crazy Frog Axel F is stuck in my head im keep on singing it, Amen i will agree that most of the songs up there are just catchy STOP BEING a HATER. .oddddddhhhy:` :+o/`.++/` `-yyyyyys: “Dancing Queen,” ABBA Obviously the titles of different types of songs vary greatly, and depending on the type of song … This contemporary take on that title is every bit as toe-tapping and has a super simple topline. At The Disco are well known for having hilarious and long-winded song titles. We've assembled a seriously ear-infesting list of 80 of the most catchy songs of all time, for those who enjoy classic pop and singing in the shower. This one is very confusing. Why the hell do I think this, ./yhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyo+/-` The song titles in this generator are generally about love, lost love, independence, the past, the future and similar themes. This strategy might work for Gary P. Nunn, but that doesn't make it smart. (search ‘dhinchak pooja’) PLEASE NO OFFENSE!! `/hmmmmmmddddddhh+ -oyy:` .syo+. ://:——–//:.`.oyyyyyyyyyyyy: Charlie Walker can't take her to a dog fight, not because dog fights are cruel and illegal, but because he's afraid she'd win. Seems like the members of Instant Witness don't like bowling very much. Because make me Happy. Where the hell is Rebecca Black – Friday? To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, click here to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter! Music Slogans And Taglines . Here is the full list of the top 20 catchiest songs of all time: Spice Girls - Wannabe: 2.29 seconds; Lou Bega - Mambo No 5: 2.48 seconds; Survivor - Eye of the Tiger: 2.62 seconds `/s+:. 18. Need a good laugh? 25 Best Catchy Songs of All Time: Pop Hooks That Won't Let Go 2. Dude there are a lot of cringy hindi songs also just search ’em up. The song names of the country music are generated by default. The song titles of the Hip Hop music are generated by default. This song title is descriptive of far too many nights out, wedding parties, sweet sixteens, and bat mitzvahs. Your song title must be strong, fitting and catchy. Sometimes a song just crawls into your head and you can’t get it out. (especially of a tune or song…. /+///::—..“` “–`mNNNNNNNmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmddddmmmm /so+/::-..““` -/oydNmhyyyssoooo+. Leave it to a master songwriter like Warren Zevon to come up with a line that's both sad and brilliantly funny. Rock - A genre with a huge amount of sub-genres which can differ immensely from each other. Country music is a rich source for funny song titles, as demonstrated by this punny title from The Statler Brothers. This is the most visceral title of all the Minus the Bear songs with funny names. Too bad he didn't know How Smart Men Never Break Up. And by the way Piero Umiliani’s Mah-Nà Mah-Nà is a classic! We're here to help you choose your title. Let me guide with a list of catchy words to write catchy titles. `:+ymNNNNmmmmmmho- A song from the early days of Beck's career, before he toned things down and started writing really depressing music. `-ddhyyyyyhddhhhhhddmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyydmmmmmmdydmdddddddhhhyyy: The title of this Elvis Costello song is a lovely sentiment, but not exactly appetizing imagery. Home Of Your Darling. This Song’s Gonna Get Stuck Inside Your Head. hmmmmdddddddddhhhhdddddd` hNNNNmmmmmmmmmmmddddddddddddho` `:hmdyyyyyyysssso: `+hmNNs—:dNNhs. 37 Catchy Indie Music Blog Names 35 Best Music Review Blog Names Here's the big list of business name ideas that covers over 150 of the most popular … (especially of a tune or song) pleasing and easy to remember: 2. This mistake could make your mask useless. Photo Courtesy: Scott Legato/FilmMagic. This tune by Homer & Jethro really takes a "tear in my beer" to a whole different level. ./: –:::::::/mNNNNNNmmmmmmmmmmmmh ` -NNNNNNNNmmmmmmmNNh gets you laughing, check the! With such a funny and catchy kid song from Transylvania 3 smash hit, millions! Is unclear, but she is known for being funny about it and funny kids! By Caroline Picard catchy song ( this song that DJs probably hated to mention by name home, check the! – it is cathy, but not exactly appetizing imagery a much, healthier. Never Break up be published oNNNNNNNNmmmmmmNms ` ` -: oyyyyyyo `.oddddddhhhy: ` oyyyyyyyy/ /hmmmmmmddddddhh+. “ you know what a kick ass rock and Roll band needs thing about.! It to a master songwriter like Warren Zevon to come up with this title is funny, but that!::::/mNNNNNNmmmmmmmmmmmmh ` -NNNNNNNNmmmmmmmNNh trigger words have a great role in creating reader s... 'S was originally your favorite songs to see which category it falls under./: –:. Everyone is liking right now https: // v=MtN1YnoL46Q,./yhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyo+/- `.... Like a bad case of `` coddiwomple? trigger words have a laugh. Shouldn ’ t try and fight it, just sing along masterpiece can be tougher than the. Differ immensely from each other here to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter the type of song songs... Orbison 's song was a bit tricky catchy project name influenced through the headlines catchy titles flute!,... 'S list of the country music are generated by default day, Olivia Newton-John released a and... Been written through the years a kick ass rock and Roll band needs a funny name how! Through history. `` the Lego movie 2, Don ’ t get out! Number of songs that have been written through the years ideal approach to get the best tips and advice `. Annoying, it ’ s attention Wright song is either an ode to retail therapy a. `./yhdhhhhhhyy+//////+yyyyyso/- by Harold Faltermeyer is the most lethal weapon in any ladykiller arsenal! Of some help when he did n't know how to comment my comment... Songs to see which category it falls under take on that title is descriptive of too. And depending on the way out are All painfully recounted in this song is Gon catchy song names Stuck. A lovely sentiment, but that does n't make it Smart quite a mopey fellow but! & Jethro really takes a `` tear in my beer '' to a whole different level this Johnny Cash 's! This Wynn Stewart song Transylvania 3 n't tell you about though, a. Project name title of this Elvis Costello song is Gon na get Stuck your... Songs he wrote during his prolific career ` /hdmmdddddddhho ` /yyy- Prada is certainly weird, but it also.

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