Kit Fisto was a Nautolan Jedi Master during the last years of the Galactic Republic. Kit Fisto is a striking example of an alien Jedi, a Nautolan with large eyes, and a gathered tangle of flexible tentacle-tresses extending from his head. As a Jedi Master, Fisto has an intense focus, particularly in combat. Kit Fisto was a Force-sensitive Nautolan born on the planet Glee Anselm, in the Sabilon region. He is at home in the waters of aquatic planets, like his native Glee Anselm. He became a Jedi General of the Clone Army in the Clone Wars and took part in such conflicts as the Mission to Vassek 3 and the Battle of Mon Cala.

Trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, his distinctive head tentacles contained highly sensitive olfactory receptors that allowed him to detect pheromonal expressions of emotion and other changes in bo… He was also involved in a mission with his for… During the Clone Wars, Fisto took impulsive Nahdar Vebb for a Padawan, who was killed by General Grievous after attaining the rank of Jedi Knight. Kit Fisto is one of the only Jedi that has mastered Form 1: Shii-Cho of Lightsaber.

He was related to the Force-sensitive Teräs Käsi master Neaed Fisto, who was his mother's brother. Kit Fisto was a Nautolan Jedi Master from the planet Glee Anselm. He was among the Jedi who fought in the First Battle of Geonosis and was one of the few survivors out of the 200 Jedi who fought in the battle.

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