The Greeks saw Uranus as unmoving and eternally held aloft, far from Gaia’s surface. Thus, he liberated his brothers and sisters and crowned himself the ruler of all gods and men. He was an unkind father though, and ruled his children with ruthless tyranny. He both continued to keep Uranus held aloft and punished one of his greatest enemies. Elemental Earth, Sky and Styx might be joined, however, in a solemn invocation in Homeric epic.[2]. Gaea gave him the sickle and cleverly hid him in an ambush, so that the next time Uranus tried laying with her, Cronus was able to castrate him. Gaea asked her remaining children The Titans, who inherited their parents' beautiful forms, who would free their siblings. In most early myths she was the air, but later writers considered Chaos to be the swirling mass of primordial elements that made up creation. Uranus and Gaia then prophesied that Cronus in turn was destined to be overthrown by his own son, and so the Titan attempted to avoid this fate by devouring his young.

With this in mind, following the discovery of a sixth planet in the eighteenth century, the name Uranus was chosen as the logical addition to the series of known planets, since Mars (Ares) in Greek) was the son of Jupiter, (Greek: Zeus) the son of Saturn, and Saturn (Greek Cronus) the son of Uranus. Most notably, Uranus was adopted as the name of the seventh planet from the sun in our solar system. She could not overthrow Uranus herself, though. Other sources, however, suggest a different parentage of Ouranos. Uranus - God of the Heavens Uranus is the God of the Heavens and sky.

: vars-man:height, lit.virus:upper,highest seat).The identification with the Vedic Varuna,god of the sky and waters,is uncertain. Evil-doer [4] In fact, Uranus was understood almost entirely in non-anthropomorphic terms aside from the mention which is made of his genitalia in the myth describing the creation of Aphrodite. Primordial embodiment of skyRuler of the universe (disposed) He took the form of the great dome of the sky that arched over the surface of Gaia, the earth. The first deities to emerge from Chaos were Gaia, the earth, and Tartarus, the pit. Many of them were killed in the Gigantomachy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In Greek mythology, Uranus, or Father Sky, is personified as the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth (Hesiod, Theogony). The new king of the gods, however, would run into problems similar to those which had befallen his father, quickly growing power-mad himself. Soon after concepts like Nyx, the night, and Aether, light, emerged as well. What is anomalous is that, while the others take Roman names, Uranus is a name derived from Greek in contrast to the Roman Caelus. Uranus is one of the old gods in Greek mythology. Under the influence of the philosophers, Cicero, in De Natura Deorum ("Concerning the Nature of the Gods"), claims that he was the offspring of the ancient gods Aether and Hemera, Air and Day. According to the Orphic Hymns, Uranus was the son of the personification of night, Nyx. He imprisoned the Hecatonchires and the Cyclopes in Tartarus, the underworld in the bowels of Mother Earth, where they caused her immense pain. The same anvil would take another nine days to fall to the deepest point of the pit Tartarus. The only exception was Cronus, and Gaia gave him the sickle and positioned him for an ambush. The most probable etymology is from the basic Proto-Greek form *(F)orsanόj (worsanos) derived from the noun *(F)orsό (Sanskrit: varsa' :"rain") and the Proto-Indo European root *ers (Sanskrit: varsati:"to rain").The root exists also in the verb ourόw (Latin:"hourẻ" , English:"urinate") from the Proto Indo-European base *ur variant of *awer "to moisten,to flow" (Sanskrit: var :"water",Avestan var :"rain")[3] therefore Ouranos is the "rainmaker".Another possible etymology is "the one standing high in order" (Sanskr. He buried them deep within Gaia herself, where she could not see them but could feel them scratching at her as they attempted to find their way to freedom.
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Gaia, Uranus, and Tartarus organized themselves into the recognizable cosmology of Greek thought. Oceanus had remained neutral in the war, giving shelter to both Titanesses and goddesses according to some legends, so he remained as a buffer between the realms.

[11] The function of Uranus was as the vanquished god of an elder time, before real time began. Another version of his name was 'Ouranos' meaning "sky" or "heaven".

His brutal treatment of his children led to his own undoing and his eternal separation from his angry spouse.

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Hobby The ancient Greeks and Romans knew of only five 'wandering stars' (Greek: πλανεται, planetai): Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The wide river ensured that Uranus and Gaia never touched again. After his castration, the Sky no longer descended for purposes of covering the Earth at night, but held to its place, and the creation story of the universe came to a close. Uranus Uranus was Father Sky, the Ancient Greek personification of the heavens and, for a while, the ruler of the known universe. One account said that the Titans themselves took on the task of holding their father away from the earth. Unable to bear the discomfort anymore, Gaea created an adamantine sickle and cheered her children to use it to topple their cruel father from power, and finally be able to leave her womb and see the light of day.

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