I played this gig in Leeds once and there was a group of drunk lads who had never heard of me before. Sometimes, I would see women go into themselves. I thought, “This is a message from the universe.”. With this in mind, I spoke with five musicians who have, across the last two and a half years, released songs that address sexual assault or harassment: Eva Hendricks of Charly Bliss (“Chatroom”); Georgia McDonald from Melbourne emo-punk trio Camp Cope (“The Face of God”); Ellen Kempner, who helms the indie rock project Palehound (“Killer”); Toronto R&B star Jessie Reyez (“Gatekeeper”); and Perth, Australia indie-pop singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly (“Boys Will Be Boys”). If I didn’t say it, I would feel like I was censoring myself. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I was 21, touring with my band at the time, me and two dudes. Going through magazine and newspaper interviews with Amos from 1991 to 1993, it’s striking how an overwhelming number of them mention her sexual assault within the headline or first couple of paragraphs—as if the worst day of her life is her defining moment. Angela with dirty faces by sum 41 seems to be about alcoholism. Abuse doesn’t always have to mean physical abuse where the victim is left bruised and bloody. Request: Any Hardcore Punk Songs About (Against, Obviously) Child Abuse? I can’t do that. We ended up talking for hours, and I came out about my abuse to her as well. There have always been songs inspired by sexual violence, from Bessie Smith’s bittersweet blues laments nearly a century ago, about the then-normalized practice of spousal abuse, to punk pioneers the Raincoats’ 1979 track “Off Duty Trip,” which offers commentary on how men’s professional code—be it soldier, priest, or banker—can unfairly protect them against rape charges.

I go to the merch table at every show, but even then people feel so entitled to touch my body. Don’t do that. And some major-label suits lost their jobs, then got new jobs, amid harassment and abuse scandals. Did I have fear about saying who the song was about?

Press J to jump to the feed. She was stopped by women of all walks of life in the ensuing years—powerful women living in shame, women in the Middle East who listened in secret, young girls who showed up frightened and alone to her shows. “Gravity” is a reminder that it’s possible to live a life of happiness instead of a life that’s dragged down by substance abuse.

On Bikini Kill’s 1991 demo, Revolution Girl Style Now, amid disturbing confessions of abuse at the hands of a father figure, is a seething song called “Liar” that condemns men who rape and then paint women as the uncredible ones. We were staying with friends of theirs, and there was another girl there who was crashing as well. Though the cultural landscape now is generally more accepting of survivor stories, this doesn’t mean every musician is interested in offering up their confessions in some kind of “message” song. I don’t like that.” And then he’d be like, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry”—but still do it again, go another step further. Hey so my Addictive Behaviors professor likes to use songs about addiction to teach about addictions, have any suggestions for me? Men are rubbing my back, coming up behind me and I don’t see them. I wrote it knowing that the men in my life are just as damaged by the whole boys will be boys generalization as we are. I guess my little fight within the music industry is part of a broader thing. There have always been songs inspired by sexual violence, from Bessie Smith’s bittersweet blues laments nearly a century ago, about the then-normalized practice of spousal abuse… “It’s always the song that people dance the most to, and scream along to,” she says. I got told, “Hey, somebody pull up my bank account because she doesn’t know who I am. Lover Dearest by Marianas Trench is about his(Josh Ramsay, lead singer) heroin addiction, Half of NOFX's discography, bu whoops I OD'd deals well with the effects, I dunno any songs that deal 100% with addictions, but I can find some that definitely reference it, Dance Gavin Dance - Me And Zoloft Get Along Fine, Man, that whole misser album is some dark shit. Listening to the margins over the last few years, I couldn’t help but sense the effects of lingering trauma in a more quietly knowing manner. So I played the song and at the end I looked down. Maybe once the Chris Brown documentary gets taken off Netflix, then I’ll have a bit more hope. St. Joseph by A Loss For Words, such a great song. Ad Choices, The Chorus of #MeToo, and the Women Who Turned Trauma Into Songs. The reason I decided to come forward was because their bravery inspired me. It’s me and it’s my story and it’s my truth. Art is not created in a vacuum. We had a little thing, and one night he was like, “Come over, I really want to see you.” He called me like 10 times, until eventually I agreed.

By the time I wrote “Killer,” I thought, “Wow, almost everyone I know and love has been hurt by someone.” I wrote the song a year or two ago, when this was constantly on my mind. “You can’t put yourself in a position to be neglected and disrespected.”. I had forgotten about something that happened to me, and one night when I was playing the song at a gig, I suddenly remembered.

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