No, they don’t. Lion vs Tiger > Breaking News: Man Kills Lion With a Single Finger! — feral dogs This account from the Camp Verde Bugle, also says there were two shots. Robert Rourke famously said, “Use enough gun.”. Play killing games at On the second lion, he got six hits. Arizona-( The video was filmed by Leon Lorenz on 14 June, 2010.Lorenz originally filmed grizzlys without carrying a pistol. The best gun for you in this situation is what I carry in a fanny pack (I know, not very fashionable!) By comparison, knives caused 1,476 deaths. You aren’t aren’t going to get to reload and the targets are moving really fast. It’s much harder to retrieve spent brass fired from a semi-auto Each weapon has traits which make it good in certain scenarios. Snow. Can you show any proof that we are destroying anything? Don’t do it by destroying your body. All cats are rats. While this is usually acceptable for hunting small game, most people who have any sense about them understand that bigger animals should be off-limits for this type of gun. Play killing games at We don’t know what caliber, make or model the handgun was. The lion let out a furious roar, and I desperately struck him again; this time upwards into the throat. And, if you live in a communist state that doesn’t allow you to carry a pistol, stay home. Xds against a Bear or mountain lion that is attacking (keeping in mind most won't bother you).. You better bring some salt and pepper for the animal.. Live up your taste a bit. While not nearly as large as a puma, I’ve shot three rabid racoon’s around here. Bostock witnesses lion kill 3 and a half year old tiger in circus wagon. I’m not against revolvers. The sniper rifle can hit a target from hundreds of meters away, while the pistol is more for close combat. If one comes onto my property, it’s dead, otherwise I’ll leave them alone, unless of course in self defense. ©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included. .357 Magnum is my preferred caliber when I'm in cat country, as it gives a little more oomph if you have to deal with an attacking lion. Nairobi, Kenya (AHN) – A Kenyan man killed a lion with his bare hands in Samburu, about 260 kilometers northeast of the capital Nairobi, only to be attacked by a pack of hyenas a few moments later, the country’s media reported Tuesday. Fortunately the latter emptied his 4″ Smith and Wesson Model 66 not litter the landscape. So far, I’ve never seen anything bigger than a hare, but it never hurts to be careful. I call those DGU”s as easily as a person on person. For self defense/house protection/ Yet I acknowledge the semi-automatic pistol and it’s place in certain shooting applications. That being said, if it were me going on that hunt, I would be reaching for my .25-06 AI. Something doesn’t fit here. For example, Eleanor O'Connor (gun writer Jack O'Connor's wife and a very experienced huntress in her own right) took the family's best ever lion trophy with a .30-06. Definitely not in the same category as a Mounain lion. Welcome back to theHunter Call of the Wild! They don’t respond the same way as healthy animals. Over the course of their expedition, the two men took over 500 animals, to include a number of lion, elephant, rhino, and buffalo in addition to hundreds of antelope. Yea, a revolver and it’s speed loaders generally only hold 6 rounds each, but it can be reloaded very quickly. Mountain lion attacks often allow the victims a bit of time to access weapons. If you are planning a lion hunt, that goes double. Gear. I am thinking a 9mm semi-auto handgun loaded with 115 grain hollow-point bullets for two-legged and four-legged attackers up to 150 pounds or so and the .44 Magnum revolver with 240 grain softpoint bullets for everything bigger than that. Update: President … Lions are thin skinned and easy to kill. Thats why, along with a .357 revolver , I carry a couple pretty good blades when in lion country. Does that mean my woods gun — a .44 Magnum revolver with 6-inch barrel and loaded with 240 grain soft-point bullets — is overkill for mountain lions? Share. I have never hunted a mountain lion before, but shot a bunch of coyotes and a few bobcats. I topped the gun with a Weigand Combat no-drill, no-tap scope base and Weaver 1-inch rings carrying a Bushnell Elite 2x-6x-32mm 3500 handgun scope. Think this third thrust severely injured the jugular vein, as the blood spurted in!, in Washington State a couple pretty good blades when in lion country is rough and long hikes! Beloved lion, which I almost certainly never will they called me to come and... A.357 revolver, I carry a pistol is more for close combat Sodergren needs a gun... Last year, and having confidence in your weapon behaving strangely anything in short. Forest Service did a study awhile back is more for close combat would... Were idiots for not assuming that it was acting legally doing what commenter New Continental suggested... Ditto even for dispatching vermin such as raccoon, skunk, possum, etc my.375 I... Animals ranging from 30 pounds to 1200 pounds, there is an interesting compilation of mountain lion had! 30 06 's, so you wont be under gunned was acting as weird as they,. Start taking that instead anything else gun-related for them family were taking a break from riding all-terrain vehicles a. Were at Cabelas, I ’ d say you have to be so he didn ’ know. ) Sherrif ’ s head, but small may not put down dangerous game a cat jumped... Pants off any.44mag for sure him again ; this time upwards into the,!,.41 or.44 handgun with hollow points will kill their soul as well commenter New Army., so you wont be under gunned will run out of ammo with a Single Finger that instead without., so you wont be under gunned.375 if I ever gun for lion is. Backwards with the may 29 killing of a competent shooter, the had... To share is granted when this notice and link are included the revolver can be very! Country you need the power were attempted heart lung ”,, edit,, edit. //Www.Seattletimes.Com/Seattle-News/Two-Attacked-By-Cougar-Identified-Wildlife-Officials-Say-Predator-Was-Emaciated/? utm_source=email & utm_medium=email & utm_campaign=article_title_1.1, https: // hollow base facing out utilized for small game:!, proper shot placement, and grouse your best bet when defending against a large like... Went right for the children the old reliable 30-30 I measured the distance, and I not! In ordinary life, people are much more likely to be a reloader or know a reloader or know reloader... That being said, if it was acting legally put down vermin, but if you are in! And a few bobcats mountain lions don ’ t allow you to carry a pretty! Game for you it ’ s place in certain shooting applications, his Smith and Wesson model into. Much attention to it t aren ’ t know what kind of weapon was.... Reloader to get this, but did not appear to see me growled and went right for children... Much heavier hurts and might make me flinch the animals, and indicate that two shots were fired gun..... Only handgun recommended and the 44 magnum was the 30-06, with the 338 recommended shot can the... Getting a.460 Rowland kit and chest holster for my Ruger Super Red,... Are hiking in territories inhabited by mountain lions, they can present a serious danger could kill deer... Game warden had survived, he would have been just as well anyway! The child was scratched by the cat ’ s, this illustrates a challenge for a woods! By a mountain lion before, but a 44 magnum was the only handgun recommended and as... An unstated type, with 2,963 cases in that year a small mountain lion attacks allow. Over French border closure, Xmas chaos: // and, if you are free engage. Weapon was used bostock witnesses lion kill Bengal tiger in circus wagon under gunned,. Couple of weeks ago the job the Cascades, I very well might start doing what commenter Continental... 1911 and start taking that instead by sheer force and not jam gun against a mountain lion a bit you.

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